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These Brackets (IRS or SRA) will allow you to run 13-14 GT500 Rotors with any stock 94-04 Calipers. These are compatible with GT or Cobra style axle brackets but does require cobra style caliper brackets (Cardone 141042).


This rear setup compliments the XTS/14" Front Brake setup.

Foxbody requires SN95 rear disk brake swap

Requires 18” wheels - May require low profile style hose (Maximum Motorsport MMBK12R


unmodified factory (13-14 GT500) rotors

factory (03-04 Cobra) pads with insulators removed

unmodified factory (03-04 Cobra) caliper

working parking brake

optimal ~70/30 brake bias



See installation notes on Instructions Page

Fox/SN-95 Rear Big Rotor Adapter

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