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This hardware kit will allow you to bolt 13+ Cadillac ATS or Cadillac XTS calipers to your 94-04 mustang spindles. Comes with bolts, offset mounting inserts and your choice of rotor shims based on rotor selection.


ATS Calipers use 13" 94-04 Cobra rotors

XTS Calipers use 14" 11-14 Mustang "Brembo" Rotors (Clearances are tight between rotor and caliper and may require some hand work based on OE tolerances)

ATS/XTS Caliper Mounting Hardware - Mustang

  • ATS ACDELCO Front Left 1722777, Front Right 1722768

    XTS GM GENUINE (J64) Front Left 1722592, Front Right 1722593 


    Brake Bias Info

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